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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Although I consider my mom to be one of my style icons (in past years I've become increasingly aware of her influence on me i.e. riding boots, signature red nails, tweed blazers for fall), her design aesthetic is her true talent. As an artist, she paints beautiful watercolors and is an excellent calligrapher. With an eye for creativity and love of traditional pieces, she is particularly passionate about home design. Sharing her passion is her long-time friend (and mother of my bestie) Alicia, so it's only natural that the two team up to put their creativity to work! Doing just that, the two opened up switch consign & design in March, with home goodies that are consigned and others they come across at estate sales and through friends. They also offer their expertise for home design and staging services.

The designing duo transformed the shop beautifully, with eclectic furniture, wall art, and high-end furnishings. Color is key, and flowers are ubiquitous in what has become their treasure chest of unique pieces that truly reflect their talents. Here are some of my favorite pieces:

I am so proud of both my mom and Alicia, and it's inspiring to see how much they put their heart and soul into the shop. They are truly artists and their passion for design is evident in their beautifully furnished Harrington Park store. 

Their blog, switchstuff, keeps me updated on what's happening at the shop, as I finish my last semester away at college, and Alicia's witty blogposts are very a.musing! Here is a link to a great article featuring switch from NorthJersey.com, posted last week, and a fab picture of my mom & Alicia.

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  1. Hmmmm. . . . VERY cool blog you 2 muses. Look forward to your future style bytes. And thanks for the shoutout to SWITCH. . . www.switchconsigndesign.blogspot.com